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Many people who have awakened their third eye have had miraculous experiences connecting with higher dimensions, which has become a topic of conversation around the world! I have been chosen as a top spiritual guide.

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Meet NOCCI: Pioneering Spiritual Guide and Visionary


Welcome to the profound world of NOCCI, a renowned high-vibration energy worker with the extraordinary mission to elevate humanity's frequencies.


NOCCI is not only a gifted energy practitioner but also a spiritual pioneer with unique abilities such as astral projection, interdimensional travel, and conducting exorcisms across parallel universes using her awakened Third Eye.

From Humble Beginnings to Global Influence

Before embracing her psychic capabilities, NOCCI lived a simple life as a homemaker in Germany, managing to make ends meet with just 600 euros a month. However, her life transformed dramatically in 2019 when her latent psychic abilities surfaced, propelling her to a new path of spiritual teaching and awakening.

She swiftly transitioned from her modest beginnings to earning over 30,000 euros monthly, fueled by her dedication to spreading knowledge and enlightenment through her spiritual practices.


A Journey of Awakening and Empowerment


Since then, NOCCI has become a vital source of inspiration and guidance, sharing her wisdom through popular videos on YouTube and Instagram.

Her content richly blends profound spiritual messages with practical energy work techniques, reaching a global audience and helping them navigate their spiritual journeys. In 2022, NOCCI’s understanding of how vibrations mold reality deepened through her experiences with interdimensional travel, reinforcing her commitment to teaching others about the power of vibrational energy.

Revolutionizing Spiritual Education

In the summer of 2023, NOCCI launched her ambitious Third Eye Awakening and channeler training courses. These courses quickly became a phenomenon, awakening the spiritual potential of over 8,000 individuals in just six months and catapulting her to the forefront of spiritual education.

A Vision for Global Awakening

Today, NOCCI is a force of nature with approximately 240,000 followers on social media, broadcasting in English to touch the lives of individuals around the world.


Through her Third Eye Awakening initiative, she aims to awaken over 3.69 million people globally, helping them rediscover their life missions and embrace their true spiritual selves.

Join NOCCI on this transformative journey to unlock your potential and experience the profound awakening that has already changed thousands of lives.

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What is Jyorei ? 

Jyorei is a spiritual healing practice originating from Japan that involves the transmission of divine light energy from one person to another. This practice was developed in the 1930s by Mokichi Okada, the founder of Shumei, a spiritual organization. The term "Jyorei" means "purification of the spirit," and the practice is intended to enhance spiritual well-being, eliminate physical and emotional impurities, and bring about greater happiness and peace. Jyorei is typically performed without physical contact and is conducted through simple hand movements, with the practitioner directing energy towards the receiver for several minutes. It is considered a shared act that benefits both the giver and the receiver, fostering a deeper spiritual connection and harmony

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Since participating in the 30-day Third Eye Awakening course and Channeler Training, I've experienced many mysterious events and synchronicities, along with a transformation in my way of thinking.

  1. Visual Changes: When I close my eyes, I now see geometric patterns and lights in green, blue, red, wine red (purple), and gold. These patterns and colors move towards me or shift from side to side and up and down. Initially, I could only see these patterns and colors in quiet places, but now I can see them even in noisy environments.

  2. Enhanced Visions: Lately, when I close my eyes, I see aerial views of the ground and houses as if I am flying. These visions can depict images from the Sengoku period, shrines and temples (always in purple), or I might be flying over mountains, valleys, and forests, or even inside caves (like being in a womb). All these silhouettes are in motion.

  3. Connection with Archangel Michael: I've become friends with Michael the Archangel. Whenever I'm uncertain or need confirmation about something, I consult Michael or other angels through affirmations. They often respond with angel numbers or "369" within minutes. Sometimes, the response is instantaneous.

  4. Emotional Stability: Previously, events (whether generally good or bad, happy or sad) would provoke emotional reactions in me. Now, I think more broadly about them. For example, when I get injured or things don't go well, I used to think negatively, like "Why am I so unlucky? Why do things never work out for me?" Now, even if I initially feel negative, I quickly shift to positive thoughts, seeing these as signs of better things to come.

  5. Recent Experience at a Shrine: I felt the presence of a dragon god at Meiji Shrine and asked, "If you are here, please make it rain," even though it was sunny. To my surprise, it rained just around me. I asked three times, and each time, it started raining within a few seconds.

These experiences have significantly enriched my spiritual journey and reshaped my perception of the world around me.

Yoshihisa Nakamura  ( 58 )

Spiritual Life Coach

Jyorei Spiritual Cleansing in Japanese way 

Chanelling Session

Experience transformative spiritual awakening with NOCCI's exorcism (Jyorei -Japanese Spiritual Cleansing)  and Reiki attunement session, designed to open your Third Eye.

This one-hour session also includes channeling messages that can provide deep insights and guidance.

Participants have frequently reported significant spiritual openings and enhanced intuitive abilities as a result of these sessions.

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My name is NOCCI

NOCCI is known as a high-vibration energy worker tasked with the mission to elevate humanity's frequencies. She possesses unique spiritual abilities, such as astral projection, traveling to parallel universes, and performing exorcisms in other dimensions through the Third Eye. Since 2009, she has resided in Germany and is currently a 43-year-old single mother with a 5-year-old child. In 2019, her psychic abilities flourished, leading her to promote awakening through videos on YouTube and Instagram about energy work and spiritual messages.

Before her psychic awakening, she was a homemaker earning 600 euros per month, but within three years, her monthly earnings exceeded 30k euros. In 2022, she experienced how vibrations create reality through interdimensional travel and began to spread the importance of vibrational energy. In the summer of 2023, she launched Third Eye Awakening and channeler training courses, awakening over 8,000 people with her energy in just six months, causing a sensation and making her courses incredibly popular.

Currently, she has around 240,000 followers on social media and broadcasts in English, attracting a global audience. Through Third Eye Awakening, she aims to remind individuals of their missions and awaken over 3.69 million people worldwide.

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My name is ERIC

Eric, a California native, embarked on a global journey as a model, which led him to unique encounters with healers and energy workers worldwide. Intrigued by the power of these arts, Eric made it his mission to learn and experience them firsthand. He immersed himself in various energy-based practices, eventually mastering several, including Reiki. Upon returning to his travels, Eric's life shifted, unifying his spiritual beliefs and his approach to energy work. Devoting his free time to acquiring higher knowledge, he sought to unify body, mind, spirit, and consciousness for himself and others. Eric offered his wisdom and guidance to individuals like NOCCI, aiding in her transformation into an accomplished energy worker and channel. Drawing from his diverse experiences and encounters with renowned channels such as Abraham Hicks, Bashar, Edgar Cayce, and Jane Roberts, Eric provides a range of services, including Reiki healing, channeling, and coaching. His main objective is to help individuals raise their vibrations, remove self-imposed obstacles, and unlock their full potential, enabling them to lead extraordinary and fulfilling lives.

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